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Bernard Kubale at The Reader's Loft

Saturday, August 5 - 11:00 AM
Bernard Kubale at The Reader

The Place to Meet Friends

From a lifelong Wisconsinite, former Air Force lieutenant, and managing partner of Wisconsin’s largest law firm, a heartfelt, insightful and oftentimes hilarious look into middle American life as seen while often perched behind his dad’s bar. A Place to Meet Your Friends is a witty and nostalgic look back at the life in Reedsville, Wisconsin, a small town like so many others throughout the midwest, with its own stories, characters, trials and heroes. In this memoir, Bernard Kubale explores the power of camaraderie, the influence of small town life and the relationships that define us from our youth. 

Throughout his tale, Mr. Kubale recalls an earlier time with less stuff and more fun. He begins with the story of his mother - one of 21 children (all by the same two parents). He reminds us of a time when kids weren’t over-scheduled and had to find their own entertainment. A former state-champion basketball player, Kubale vividly recounts one of the greatest upsets in Wisconsin state tournament history. Always, we see how his small-town values of hard work, compassion and humor, influenced every aspect of Kubale’s life, from his long and varied career, to his drive to achieve personal goals. With a sparkle in his eye, Kubale takes you from the rooms above the bar where he grew up, to the ponds he frequented for summer swims, to the top of Mount Rainier. He introduces us to colorful characters, describes domestic life during World War II and takes us on a ride on the EUSAK Express from Pusan to Seoul. This delightful story of one man’s journey pays tribute to community, loving family, and the spirit of adventure.

From A Place to Meet Your Friends:

I walked through the living room, and then quietly opened and closed behind me the door leading to the office. My mother and dad slept in the bedroom right off the office and I tried not to disturb them, although one of them, probably my mother, had wielded the broom that woke me.

Opening the door leading to the tavern, the usual morning smell hit me, stale beer, smoke from cigarettes, pipes and cigars, and worst of all, the chewing tobacco in the six spittoons. I wished I could open the door to the outside to let some fresh air in but it was too damned cold.

I grabbed the broom that had been left leaning against the bar and checked the floor to see where to begin...Another day had begun at “The Place to Meet Your Friends.”

About the Author: 

Bernard Kubale is a retired lawyer, born and raised in a small-town in Wisconsin. Mr. Kubale’s career has included tending bar, serving in the Korean War, practicing law and sitting on the boards of many corporations, including the Green Bay Packers and the Milwaukee Brewers.

Throughout his life, Mr. Kubale has received various awards, including an honorary degree from St. Norbert’s College.  He served as Board Chairman of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and received the Children’s Hero Award for his work on behalf of the hospital. Mr. Kubale’s debut memoir, A Place to Meet Your Friends recounts both his halcyon and harried days growing up in Reedsville, Wisconsin, population 617.