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Barbara Joosse & Miranda Paul

Saturday, September 30
11:00 AM at The Reader's Loft

Barbara Joosse & Miranda Paul

It’s a MEGA Launch Party!

Join award-winning and acclaimed authors Miranda Paul and Barbara Joosse as they launch their newest 2017 books at The Reader’s Loft, Green Bay’s independent bookstore! This event will feature treats, special readings, and other festivities. Mingling begins at 11:00 a.m. with storytime from 11:15-12:00 noon. Autograph session to follow. Call The Reader’s Loft at 920-206-0200 to pre-order a books today!

Barbara Joosse and Miranda Paul!

Barbara Joosse has been writing for children for over thirty years & has published nearly fifty picture and chapter books along the way. Her books have been translated into twenty eight different languages and have allowed her to tour worldwide. She aspires to find the similarities in us all through her storytelling. Please join us as we celebrate her latest picture book, Better Together: A Family Story that she co-wrote with her daughter.

Better Together: A Family Story

A sweet, informative ode to families, both animal and human. Each spread starts with a single animal, all alone. Then a gatefold opens to reveal that the single animal is actually one of many, working together to solve a problem, from hunger to safety, to feeling lonely. At the end, we see how human families come together in similar ways to care for their little ones. 

Miranda Paul is Green Bay's children's book darling and we are so thrilled to welcome her back to the store for the release of her sixth picture book, Are We Pears Yet? Miranda has written everything from articles on gardening to poems about the life cycle of a butterfly. She lives a short drive from the shoreline in Green Bay with her husband, children, and two friendly cats who love taking baths. When Miranda is not sharing her stories in classrooms, auditoriums, gymnasiums and libraries across the globe, you can find her cooking up a new tale in her Underground Lair, also known as her basement home office.

Are We Pears Yet?

Two seeds can't wait to be pears, but growing takes time and patience in this funny and informative picture book.

"When will we be pears?"
—"After we find soil."
"Hooray! We are going to be pears! Are we pears yet?"
—"No! Just be patient and wait."

Written entirely in dialogue and staged as a play, Are We Pears Yet? is a clever and hilarious informational picture book that will make you look at growth cycles and fruit trees in a whole new way. Carin Berger's artfully composed collaged stage sets will delight and amaze you.

Delicious treats, fun stories and two great authors!