Bob Schneider demonstrates how to discover Wisconsin's Waterfalls, Rapids & Spillways in time for summer travel!

 Wisconsin Waterfalls (Miriah Systems LLC, 2018), is a complete travel guide that documents185 waterfalls in Wisconsin, which is more than could be found in any other waterfall guide publication, all complete with GPS coordinates for each and every waterfall. Also included are 37 spillways and rapids that were found to be especially beautiful.  Each site has a full description of what one can expect to see, complete with explicitly detailed driving and walking direction leading to each site.  Every site is spotted on a county map to make it even easier for driving to the proper location.  Photos of the site, along with Google Earth maps, walking trail information and numerous other helpful hints on waterfalling makes this travel guide essential for anyone who wants to marvel at the beauty of Wisconsin Waterfalls!  23,000 miles of travel over the past 3 years has led Bob Scheider and his wife Phyllis to know all the known waterfalls and a few totally undocumented waterfalls found during their search of Wisconsin.

Bob and Phyllis Schneider have lived in Wisconsin since 1998, with prior residences in Missouri and Ohio.  They have traveled to all the lower 48 states, plus Alaska and most of the provinces in Canada. Many of their trips have included camping, fishing, and hiking, which is what ultimately led them to pursue waterfalls. During the compilation of this travel guide that took 3 years and 23,000 Wisconsin miles on every road imaginable, the Schneiders were able to gather data for over 600 sites including waterfalls, rapids and spillways. If sufficient interest is shown of this travel guide, a second volume including over 600 sites will be considered. Wisconsin Waterfalls is beautifully detailed book meant to be used as a travel guide. Therefore, it is constructed of thick glossy pages that are spiral bound to allow for easy reading and durability.  

Bob and Phyllis currently reside in a community near La Crosse, WI.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 - 5:30pm to 7:00pm
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