INSPIRATION AND BACKGROUND Ellen King got her first taste of “good bread” when she was studying abroad in Norway during her undergrad years. “Good bread” is airy, not at all dry, and light, but also satisfying and soulful. Ellen went on to graduate school and landed a job in tech, then studied at Seattle Culinary Academy and worked in some of the best kitchens in Seattle, including the landmark vegetarian restaurant Carmelita. She studied at Quillisascut Farmstead Cheese School and worked as an artisanal cheese buyer at Whole Foods. She also welcomed the birth of her son, Asher. Throughout the years, Ellen couldn’t shake the memory of that “good bread” and began to bake loaf after loaf while staying at home with Asher. She eventually outgrew her home kitchen and opened up HEWN BAKERY, a beloved bakery in Evanston, Illinois that specializes in naturally fermented and heritage grain breads and pastries. Heritage baking is defined by the use of heirloom grains that are grown sustainably, stone milled, and utilizes a sourdough starter for bread recipes.

These flours add layers of flavor and texture and, combined with the natural starter and long fermentation, make these baked goods enjoyable even by those who have difficulty with gluten. Studies show that the long fermentation process to make sourdough bread reduces the toxic parts of gluten for those who have reactions to it. ABOUT THE BOOK HERITAGE BAKING is the go-to resource for bakers of all skill levels who love new information and techniques that lead to better loaves and more flavor in all baked goods. These 45 FOOLPROOF RECIPES for delicious, nutritious, good-for-the-gut breads and pastries star a wide range of artisanal flours that are now readily available to home bakers. This is not just a bread book. The book includes a wide range of recipes for HERITAGE COUNTRY BREAD, FETA-DILL BRIOCHE ROLLS, SOURDOUGH GINGER-PEACH SCONES, HERITAGE DARK CHOCOLATE BROWNIES, BUCKWHEAT HONEY MADELINES, and more. In-depth master tutorials for starters, country loaves, and adjusting recipes for different flours are paired with step-by-step photography sequences that help visual learners get these fundamentals just right. As consumers are seeking a deeper connection to where their food comes from, the HERITAGE BAKING movement starts with supporting local grain farmers and artisan millers. Growing wheat in a sustainable fashion is a colossal task but fifth-generation Iroquois County Illinois farmer, Harold Wilken, says, “It’s worth it to grow healthy, nutritious, beautiful tasting food that we can safely eat and enjoy.”

PRAISE FOR HERITAGE BAKING Why on earth pick up a bag of flour with strange sounding names such as Red Fife, Turkey Red, or Marquis? Why not use all-purpose? Allow Ellen King of renowned Hewn Bakery to explain how these heritage varieties add complexity and mesmerizing flavor to your baking. I want to try everything she pulls out of her ovens—from naturally fermented Bloody Butcher Polenta Bread to a golden-hued Heritage Spelt loaf, to cornbread, cookies, and scones. Most of all, I hope she inspires you to seek out locally grown grains and flours—thus supporting the farmers who grow them and transforming your baking. -Maria Speck, award-winning author of Simply Ancient Grains, and Ancient Grains for Modern Meals Ellen King is one of my favorite bakers, and Hewn is a gem- there's nowhere else you can get such good bread made with flour that been so thoughtfully sourced and handled. Here, Ellen shows you how to do it. - Mark Bittman, author, How to Cook Everything series, Food Matters, VB6 Ellen King represents the new breed of bakers – highly educated, intellectually curious, and committed to producing authentic heritage breads from sustainably grown heirloom grains. Heritage Baking is an important contribution to understanding and appreciating the burgeoning artisan farmer-miller-baker movement in the United States. This beautifully written, lavishly illustrated labor of love is a must-have for any baker who seeks to create honest, authentic and flavorful breads and pastries. -Stanley Ginsberg, author, The Rye Baker ABOUT HEWN BAKERY HEWN \ˈHYÜN\ TO GIVE FORM OR SHAPE TO WITH OR AS IF WITH HEAVY CUTTING BLOWS BY HAND Hewn is the Evanston bakery that serves hand forged, artisan bread that Ellen King and Julie Matthei opened in 2013. With a name that means connecting the past with the future, Hewn is a full-service bakery that makes all of its products in-house from scratch daily. Sourcing local and seasonal ingredients from small, local farmers when their flavors are at their peak, all of the breads are hand-mixed, hand-shaped and naturally fermented without commercial yeast. For more information, visit

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