Greta and Sophie


Greta and Sophie were rescued together from the Bay Area Humane Society in August of 2014 and spend their days lounging, eating and snuggling with staff and friends. They also enjoy the occasional trip up to the loft, where they have been known to catnap from time to time.

A few questions people have asked:

Do they live in the store all the time? Yes, the store is their home.

Are they sisters? No, they met at the humane society when they were approximately 4 years old. They did not love each other in the beginning, but have adapted pretty well and on the rare occasion have even be spotted diligently cleaning one another. 

Is one cat more dominate than the other? Yes, Greta is in charge and Sophie is happy to follow her lead.

How old are they? We have been told by their doctors at the Bay Area Animal Hospital that they are each about 8 years old.

Greta is often labeled as the greeter and Sophie the sneaky ghost cat.  In the morning hours before noon Greta employs her title by meeting customers at the door with a meow and a leg-rub, while Sophie is often found under the lamp on her pink bear rug unseen until she happens to stretch or yawn. Sophie has also claimed the round sale table under the front windows as her very own.  Please don't be alarmed if she springs up onto the table and begins to knock books to the floor. She just really loves when she is able to get a good amount of petting from customers looking for a great deal. 

Both cats will rub along your legs while you browse throughout the entire store, so please don't feel embarrassed if they startle you. We have grown used to little quick outbursts from our customers after one or both rub up and say hello. Children love the cats and the cats love children who don't chase them around the store. Greta and Sophie have learned that it's better to sit behind the counter on the desk and wait patiently for the children to find them, because then there's a pretty good chance that a treat will follow. Who ever said a cat can't be trained?