Upcoming events at the Reader's Loft

Thursday, July 25 5:30-7PM



A one-night-only event featuring Andrew Linskens (the painter) and Nathan J. Reid (the poet), who will merge artistic energies to create a unique, memorable multi-media experience.    


Saturday, August 17 at 11AM - 12:30PM

   Marie is married and is a mother of four children and grandmother of two. She is an educator, entrepreneur and a mother who survived and continues to thrive beyond the unexpected loss of her 21-year-old daughter, Julia. Marie's mission is to be an advocate for drug prevention, mental health awareness, and bereaved parents and others who feel "stuck" after tragedy.

People's lives are severely disrupted by loss and other tragic circumstances. Their thought process needs disruption to break free. Our thoughts rob us from living in the present and from living fully. Until I was willing to take full responsibility for myself and my thoughts, then I would never have full authority to change my life. How do you begin the process of discovering your limiting beliefs and exchanging them for truth? I created a strategy that resembles my own journey of breaking the cycle of wrong thinking and negative emotions.

Come join me in August and learn how to change your life through the power of intention, the power of action and the power of mindset. 

Grief is a part of loss and it makes total sense to have deep grief, but when you come to the point when you’ve had enough there is an escape from.. Or a way out to live with peace and victory over peace.

If you make a choice to climb out of darkness  there will be light.

There are no quick fixes… everyday choices.. Time is critical.. Habits that are in place to help you stay on track towards freedom from trauma… Self-awareness.. It takes time.. Due diligence daily.. Fight the despair that overwhelms you.. How can you go on? Focus on what will make you go on living.. Put aside everything you believe and be open to the truth as you are meant to live in freedom.