Upcoming events at the Reader's Loft

Saturday, January 19 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Sandra Shackelford has been facilitating a Reader's Loft Writing Circle since 2017.  Within 2 years the circles have grown from one session of writers per week to three sessions!  Sandra's keen scence and gentle touch allows her to quietly tease stories from the her writers. The Circle is a place where people are encouraged to write & read their own work, to listen to fellow writers, and respond to each other through critique and recognition. Sandra's supportive style and depth of knowledge in memoir writing aid in creating a comfortable place for exploration of personal stories. Please join us as we celebrate Sandra and the Writers of the Circle!  Sip beverages and nibble savory treats while listening to the work generated by this dynamic group. You may even find yourself wanting to join the circle on its next go-around. Save the date!